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I know how to configure the Multi Out UltraBeat but what if i want one of my aux sounds to be from another bank of drum sounds, then all my other sounds in my other tracks change when I change the bank? :confused:

Is there also way of taking all my fav sounds from various banks and creating my own?



You may be confusing multi-timbral with multi-output. They have nothing to do with each other.

Multi-Timbral: The term comes from some hardware synths that were able to do simultaneous independent sounds. It could be just 2, useful for layering or splitting the keyboard. Or it could be much more, for being able to do the entire "band" on one machine. None of the Logic software instruments are multi-timbral except for EVB3 organ (upper keyboard, lower keyboard, bass pedals... "hardwired" on MIDI channels 1,2,3).

If you need an independent Ultrabeat preset, instantiate another one on a different software instrument track.

But in the case of Ultrabeat (and EXS24), you could just replace the sound on one particular key

Examples of 3rd party MultiTimbral software instruments would be Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Kontakt, MOTU Symphonic, SampleTank. If you set the different Timbres to the same MIDI channel, then it's just a layered stack. If you set to different MIDI channels, then you need to create the same software instrument in Logic again, but with that different MIDI channel in order to trigger it.

The confusing thing happens when you have the SAME software instrument appearing on what you think are independent tracks, but they're really all the same except different MIDI channels. Same insert effects, same volume fader, same pan, same sends. That's not the same thing as having two or more completely independent Software Instrument tracks that coincidentally happen to instantiate the same Software Instrument again (and again).

But in the case of ULtrabeat (or EXS24), you could just replace the sound on one particular key.
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