Logic Pro 9 Multi-Output Instruments: More Than 16 Outputs?


Hello, all -

Is it acceptable to generate more than 16 output channels (and Logic Auxes) for a given multi-output instrument?

When using the "+" button on the channel strip for the multi-out instrument, Logic only allows addition of 16 Auxes (actually 15 + the instrument's own stereo channel strip). However, one can manually add more Auxes per the usual method, via the menu item Options: Create New Auxiliary Channel Strips, and then choose the same multi-out instrument as the source for these Auxes.

Is there any problem with using this approach, any difference between these Auxes and the Auxes that Logic associates with the instrument via the "+" button? It seems to me the only difference is that the channel strips for the "+"-created Auxes are always ordered immediately to the right of the instrument channel strip in the mixer.

The problem remains that the instrument itself still only publishes 16 channels of outputs. So I was considering the following: hard-pan the (mono) signals within the instrument left and right, effectively treating each stereo pair as two separate mono signals. Then assign each of the instrument's stereo outputs to 2 Auxes in Logic, choosing "Left" and "Right" respectively from the source (circle or double-circle) button at the bottom of the 2 Aux channel strips. This way one could get up to 32 mono outputs.

(By the way, I am attempting this for Toontrack Superior Drummer, where there are more than 16 microphones/channels within the instrument, and therefore I would like to split them all out onto separate Logic Aux tracks).

All of this seems like a lot of work to get more than 16 channels, but I can save the result in a template.

Does this method make sense? Any downsides? Any recommendations on a simpler and more elegant method?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you....