Logic Pro MultiBounce Tracks in Place "As Additional Tracks" - Broken?


Hello -

With multi-output instruments, I use Bounce Tracks in Place with the options "Include Instrument Multi-Outputs" and "As Additional Tracks". This has always worked well. However, today I tried it, and it failed. I selected the first track, the one with the MIDI data in it, and selected the command and set those options. Results: It only created a single audio track. I tested with Superior Drummer, Kontakt 7, and Logic's own Sampler. The only track created was for either the first or last output.

I also tried a new project, in case my project was corrupted, and same results.

Is this function broken?
The only work around I found (far from ideal) is choosing the "Replace Track" option in the Bounce Track in Place dialog box (instead of "New Track"). By doing this, I got all the separate audio tracks expected from the bounce. Of course, you need to duplicate the original instrument track before doing this because the one you bounce gets replaced by this process, loosing the Instrument track with all its settings and everything.
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