Logic Studio apps Multiple MIDI Controllers with Mainstage


I wanna use KORG nanoKEYS and CME UF70 MIDI Controllers with Mainstage 2 could you please tell how to do it?

I have two USB ports through which I will be connecting my MIDI Controllers.Basically My requirement is tat the MIDI controllers should be connected to different channels and also to split them so that I will be able to trigger different tones.

- Jai
Well here are the answers, broken into 2 parts:

1) in order to use 2 controllers in Mainstage all you have to do is be sure to assign the channel you want to receive the same "port" I'm assuming that your system sees both controllers as separate things, so find out which port each uses, and that is where you assign who does what with whom.

2) As for the different tones question, you could do 3 things:A) have the same channel assigned to a number of sounds and mute and unmute the channels as required (when you want to hear each sound). the problem is that someone has to "control" mainstage.
B) use keyboard layers to trigger the sounds, for example C1 to C2 plays sound 1, C# 2 to C3 plays the second sound, etc, etc. or C) you could setup a number of scenes that are changed by midi patch changes.

So there it is, at least as far as I know with my medium amount of experience with Mainstage 1 and 2. Great app, a bit of a mind f&%k trying to figure it out.
Thnx for the Reply... Cud u pls temme hw to assign/use the Keyboard Layers???

Since I don't own your hardware, I can't. I suggest you read the manual and look for the topic or subject "Keyboard splits or layers".

As for Mainstage, LUGs very own Doug Zangar wrote a great tutorial for Groove 3 that you can either purchase or do a monthly rate for use of the entire Groove 3 library (a good idea if you are new to Logic and want to get up and running without having to pay a guy like me $60 per hour to help you out.


Tell them I sent you ;-)
If you can't figure out the splits do check back. The manual does a good job of explaining this, if I recall. You can even do a floating split. I do cover it in my tutorial. In full disclosure, macProVideo has one on MainStage 2 as well.

And George, thanx for the plug!