Logic Pro 9 multiple monitors: screenset wont stay put!


so i have 4 monitors, 3 of which are together and 1 off in another area for other stuff. this is done w 2 standard apple video (Nvivia GT120) cards and a few monitors. the middle one has a higher res than the others but not so much to need the dual dvi.

i want to display the mixer window across all 3 of my main monitors for a full overview in that particular screenset.

the PROBLEM here is that as soon as i switch to another screenset or even select that same screen set while viewing it, the mixer window snaps to allignment w the center monitor so that the left monitor has nothing on it and the right half of the mixer window has fallen off the right screen.

it works just fine when i only spread the mixer across two monitors. but even then sometimes it alligns to the center monitor after while.

is there some setting im missing here?
Shot in the dark here. Set up your screen set the way you want it, and hold Shift while pressing the L key, you'll see a dot at the top of the menu bar next to Screenset label. This should lock the screenset.
Hope this works,
Good Luck
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Yup, tried that. Soneone on the Apple forums suggested it already. Ive still not found a fix. In wondering if anyone else is able to lay one window across more than two monitors without the position being effected by swivhing screensets. Its really quite saddening as i was hoping with all my heart to have my physical sliders graphically represented on the monitors above them aleviating the guesswork when working with most midi controllers. 🙁
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