Logic Pro 9 Multitap delay in Logic Pro 9 ?


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Hi. I do not have Logic Pro yet but have a question before I decide to buy.

Is there a multitap delay in Logic Pro 9? I searched and I see there is something called Delay Designer in Soundtrack Pro and Logic Studio but is this feature included in the downloadable Logic Pro 9 that is available for $199.

Thank you in advance for your info.

Logic Pro on sale for $200 has the EXACT same program and files as the $500 app had.Anything you could do in Logic before can be done now. In essence it's the same program....


Yup, delay designer is a multi-tap delay. And it's built into Logic Pro.

Just FYI, there are a few other Delays in the Logic arsenal with Delay Designer as the flagship mentioned above...
There's an unsung Delay I actually use on every project too and that is the Sample Delay.
It's simple, unglamorous and somewhat utilitarian in design, but I find it an asset in my sound designing.
It does what it sounds like it does, it delays either the left or right channel (of a stereo signal,) by a number of samples. This can produce wonderful "stereo-izing" effects or can introduce a simple motion on the attack of an otherwise static sound.

Like Logic's Channel EQ, this is a "go to" in my sound lab. :thmbup: