Music For Ski films


I've been put in charge of music for Bridger Bowl's Ski Film Of The Day. They decided my idea to use local musicians was a good idea. I've been leading the charge, and slowing getting other involved.

It's been a good excuse to dig back into Logic. I need to bang out the music fast, and find this is the preferred platform. The first five songs on the player are the new ones. Track one and three use drum loops I extracted from some of my band's 16 recordings that were done on tape. This has been a good experiment and I've been pleased with the results.But it has raised some questions about Apple loops. I just read an article in EM which discusses Flex Time... (is that what that is called)

The tracks are a mix of Logic instruments, analog synths (Korg Poly 6 and Jen 1001) M-tron, and real guitars and bass. The music is here there are other tracks on the player, bits done in the past. There is a link on this page that will take you to the videos. I have no control over those, and they usually run shorter than the music, so some of the fades are a little rough. The second video page has the rock stuff, mostly edited tracks from my band's cds.

Buy the end of ski season, I hope to have a better grasp of Logic and all it's functions.

rock a hula
I like your music! Thanks for sharing!

fab. thanks. This stuff is the fun side of what I do. Writing for the band is a bit more serious. I've got another tune in my head today. I'm just headed into the studio to start work on it.