Logic Pro X MusicXML - Close but no Cigar! (Chords Missing)

LOVE this new "Export Score to MusicXML" thing but I can't quite get it to submit to my demands, and I wonder whether another kind soul would confirm whether I'm right about this...

Please create a basic lead sheet in the notation editor with a simple melody line of a few bars. Now add some basic chord symbols into the score. Now export the score to MusicXML (I think you might need to be in "page view" to do this)...

Now open the MusicXML file in a program like Finale or MuseScore.

If you're experience is the same as mine, everything works - except the chords: they're nowhere to be found. I've left feedback with Apple.

Doug Zangar

I haven't even had time to look at the score improvements. Export to Music XML is significant. I was able to export, but don't have a program to import. Logic X appears not to import Music XML on a quick test.

I'd be curious if you can get chord symbols to show up. DOes Music XML from Finale or Sibelius do chord symbols?
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Yeah, that's right Doug, Logic X only exports MusicXML. BTW, MuseScore is a pretty powerful open source notation program that imports and exports MusicXML http://musescore.org

I just did a test lead sheet with chords in Finale and the chords do indeed export (and reimport) through their MusicXML. At this stage I'm guessing it's a limitation of Logic X's current MusicXML export capabilities.
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The new "Export Score to MusicXML" can be used for leadsheets. Just enter the chords as TEXT and they transfer for example to Finale just fine. For importing into Logic X midi files are OK.
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