Logic Pro 7 & earlier Must move from v7.2 to X: what will I lose?


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After seven years of happily using my Logic Pro version 7.2 (on an older Intel Mac Pro tower), the XSKey seems to have died and even after re-install, it still does not read the dongle's serial number to let me "in" to the program. I really don't mind spending the $200 to move up to Logic X on my new iMac and I'm sure I will love the new features, but I'm worried that there has been so much time and changes to the program that my old projects may not work right. What should I generally expect? Does version X still have all my same synths and EXS24sampler and the various samples I got with the original v.7? Will X even open my old projects??

I'll be doing some more research, but this caught me by surprise today and I'm a bit worried that I'll be starting from total scratch in a new environment and will lose all my hard-won sound presets, etc, just because I can't start up the old program.

Thanks for your responses!
you've probably taken the plunge by now but...yes, X will open projects that were done in 7, as long as it was the last update version of 7.

However, the fact that they'll open doesn't mean they'll play properly without some degree of fiddling (sometimes less, sometime a LOT more)

I'm always in favor of keeping old computers and software around, just in case!
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