Logic Pro 9 My computer crashes and restarts when I mix audio


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So for whatever reason, when I'm mixing audio on logic pro 9, at any given moment my computer will completely shut off and restart deleting all my progress. I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else because I can't find any forums discussing this bug. It's completely game breaking and I need to fix it in order to do literally any sort of work.

I'm running Mavericks on the latest update. Is Logic Pro 9's latest update 9.1.8? That's what I'm using too. I'm using all legit plug-ins so there's no possibility for a virus to have gotten downloaded. Aside from that, I'm running a pretty steady iMac with 20gigs of Ram and a 3.4 GHz processor. Hopefully that's enough information to help narrow down the possibilities. Anyone have any ideas?
Hi I'm afraid this sounds like a hardware or low level operating system/driver problem. It's very unusual for a program like logic to trigger a complete power down. Did you add the extra RAM yourself? My checklist would be;

1-RAM 20GB sounds like an unusual amount, as you mix you use more possibly making your machine use faulty sections of RAM, are you using logic in 64 bit mode? Try (if you added it) removing the extra memory. There is a way to test it before removing...http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5781 this will also test if any other HW is faulty, it's not 100% but a good place to start. (This is my suspect)

2-audio hardware, are you using an external audio interface? If so try disconnecting it and using the built in I/o. Could be a faulty driver or (if FW or thunderbolt) some electrical short.

3-Computer cables, USB FireWire, thunderbolt, display are the likely ones to cause issues especially if it's short circuiting somewhere.

After checking these you can start on the software, hopefully it's some poorly seated RAM which you can sort!


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