Logic Pro 9 My 'Groups' window is all that opens for me!?


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Hi there, hope you can help. Not sure what I did to Logic but any time I open one particular project, all thats opening is my 'Groups' window... any idea on whats wrong and why? But any time I hit 'x' or 'p' my mixer and piano roll appears but I cant see my tracks window. :brkwl:

If anyone could help it would be great!
I got it sorted, all I had to do was press 1 or 2 and it appears!

Thanks for your response!

That means there was nothing wrong, you just needed to change to a screenset that had those windows open. Obviously the screenset you were in had all windows except the group window closed (and you had saved that project with that screenset open).

Looks like you need to read the manual!
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