Logic Pro 9 My guitar won't sustain in Logic...?


I love Logic's amp/pedal guitar effects, however I am unable to use them to their potential as when i plug my guitar>presonus firestudio mobile>DAW, the guitar signal won't sustain past certain point.

This is frustrating as I like ringing out and bending my notes to achieve a whiny guitar sound, however the signal cuts out prematurely.

I have tried different guitars, I have run the guitar to a compressor, and still no luck.

Could the preamps in my presonus firestudio mobile be wack?
Should I try preamping the signal BEFORE the presonus firestudio?

Here's a link to the interface I'm using

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank!
Are you using a guitar preset in Logic?

If so, you may need to adjust or disable a noisegate in the chain.

That is often a cause for lack of sustain.
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:p boy do I sure feel stupid! hahahaha it WAS the gate!

the only issue now is that with the gate disabled, I have a buzz when I'm not even playing (only with super distorted presets, such as "Nu Metal" or "US Metal")...I guess I'm stuck with that huh
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No, instead of disabling the gate, just adjust the hold/release so that as the actual note fades, the signal also fades so that the noise doesn't continue.


(and this is often the easy solution), all you need do is adjust the threshold. This will often work even when you don't understand the theory behind gating (or, for that matter, compression)

But ideally it's worth reading up a bit on how thew dynamic processors work and what they do.
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