Logic Pro 8 My Inspector won't let me Quantize


People told me i need to quantize the drums on one of my songs. I have one Ultrabeat with a bunch of different tracks on the arrange window.

my problem is the track with the claps won't let me quantize. On all my other tracks, when I highlight the tracks, the Inspector says:


but on this one track it only says

Loop (there is a little box next to loop that I can check)


what is the deal? This is the one track I need to quantize and the Inspector shows me something totally different than I'm used to. As far as I know, I didn't do anything different when making this one track?

Why does it look so different in the Inspector and how do I quantize this track?

edit: when I click on one individual region in the track, it will let me quantize, it shows me the screen I'm used to in the inspector. but when I click on the name of the track (at the left of the arrange window) to highlight every region in the track, I can't quantize. I opened a new track and slid those regions onto this new track, hoping that would work but no, as soon as I slide the regions onto the new track it won't show me the quantize window. very confusing & frustrating

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I don't have logic 8, but it seems as if the region you want to quantise is an audio region on an audio channel strip. You can quantise audio regions using the inspector in Logic 9, but not Logic 8.
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but the track is just a snare. It's an output from an Ultrabeat. I make it so I can send the snare to it's own fader. Ultrabeat is a software instrument I thought, not an audio channel strip?

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