my Logic Pro X purchase is 3 hours old.


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Right out of the Box - And I have made a song --- something simple that I put together with my garageband knowledge on this macbook pro and also on the ipad mini 2... One mishap in the song creation but I have no idea what it was --- I thought I had crashed the program but it was doing whatever I had clicked it to do that I did not know what it was but it took long enough and then I had to change instruments in the end to get the the thing to work again. some kind of instrument design interface appeared .. that I did not want and just closed right away-- :)
some sites when you are new don't let you make media posts or anything like that IDK--- my fingers crossed.. but whatever.

I imported the midi from a recent midi port from a reaper recording of my novation supernova II midi -- out file ... I performed like 45 minutes and recorded the audio too --- but here I just took that midi file and used it for some instruments and it came out like it did .. the supernova II is my fav .. synth to play-- I Have been playing this since 2000 and recording everything I make. I also was able to update the OS on the synth board. from a midi file. I have a little bluetooth midi connector in and out that works with it too but I usually just go out to the my korg and play the korg with the midi from the supernova II midi. then the korg transfers all the midi info to the desktop to record.. I can use this macbook with the midi usb in to get the midi too.. that I might try eventually but first just fun with what I know is possible to do in a garageband type way--- the synth inside logic pro X might take some getting used that is expected.. I will bring problems here.. suffice to say I know this stuff works but -- Making it work will take time. :)

thanks for the look and read.. and comments if any.

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William Victor Newbold


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Is there a question in there?
sure I have a question.. (besides recognizing your avatar from somewheres but not here... --- IDK where- ). question the thing said logic pro x - 199$ to buy but my account was charged $213.24 USD it is ok that extra 14 some but where did it go ... what was it spent on? were these the tax's or what all I got was the amount on my paypal account from apple but nothing anywheres on the apple site am I getting what that 14$'s was used for or why that was added to the value going on--- again it is ok and all I kinda assumed that 199 was not really what I was going to pay .. I just am curious ??

I also have my second song that is neat mmmm, maybe more neat then the first but yeah not as long as the first song as it was excerpted from the full length that is still sitting in render mode-for over 1/2 an hour so far.