Logic Pro 9 My midi will work one minute then audio cuts out, any solutions?


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im using logic 9 on a mac intel core 2 duo. ill be using my keyboard fine and then logic just stops recognizing the input i guess. i have to restart logic every time and then itll work for a minute then cuts out again, any help?


How is your keyboard connected? Directly, or through a MIDI interface? What MIDI interface are you using? Or is it connected directly via USB? If so, what type of keyboard is it and are your drivers (if any) up to date? Have you tried changing the MIDI cables? These are the types of questions you need to ask and look into in order to sleuth out a problem like this.
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Peter Ostry

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In case your keyboard is connected by two MIDI cables, remove the cable that goes to the keyboard (MIDI IN on the device) and try again.
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