Logic TDM My Migration to ProTools 8


Well after all the hassle of trying to get Logic TDM to work successfully on my new Mac Pro I made the switch to Pro Tools full time.
Im still not up and running for various reasons but Im nearly there.
How does it compare? Well Pro Tools still crashes now and again- not as often as Logic did though so thats one positive I suppose.Im working ProTools very hard with lots of Audio tracks and Instrument tracks and so far so good-I love the mixer environment much better than Logics-The TDM PlugIn interfaces are much prettier than in Logic-They are Automation ready with more Coloured Knobs etc on all TDM plugins-Im still missing the EXS24 though-Ive still not successfully transferred my library to Digidesign Structure-Its still quite buggy-So the news here is that there is still not a very good ProTools sampler available which Im frankly quite gobsmacked about! Kontakt 4 doesn t translate it very well either and that too is quite buggy-Ive had crashes galore with that old thing! Logic certainly got it right with the EXS24 and I now believe that it has never been bettered elsewhere.(That works well in ProTools anyway!) If only EXS24 TDM still worked in ProTools! That aside I believe that typically it is the third party Instrument manufacturers that cause most of the problems within the Protools environment-ReFx has caused a few problems too mainly the Nexus Synth.
Editing wise I think that ProTools is way superior and I love the elastic time facility-I also love XForm(Its up there with Serato Pitch N Time for quality) So changing BPMS in real time is a pleasure-Great for Dance Music Production which is what I do mainly.
On the negatives it really annoys me that after purchasing ProTools 8 they still charge extras for things like Xform(£100) DigTranslator(£350) MP3 Option(£30)Structure sampler(£300) These are all essential extras that everyone will need at some point-So in terms of value for money Apple wins hands down-I compare Digidesign to BMW(Brilliantly built cars but very expensive and if you want extras then you have to pay a huge premium)
And Apple Logic on the other hand are the Lexus car manufacturer(Brilliantly built cars too but not as quick and not as pretty as the BMWs but they make up for this by pricing their cars cheaper than the germans and then throwing in every conceivable extra as standard with no extra charge)Which one would you go for???????????????????????
Sorry for my comparison here-Ive drunk rather too much whisky!
Both Bits of software are great in their own way.but with TDM cards it has to be ProTools-Its seriously very good indeed.


On the negatives it really annoys me that after purchasing ProTools 8 they still charge extras for things like [...] MP3 Option(£30)
No idea how DigiGreed can still justify charging for this, when iTunes comes as standard on every single Mac.

Nice BMW/Lexus analogy :D
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nice :) i'm currently using both togheter... unfortunately my test to get sample accurate syncing has not gone very well till now, i reached it but i have to insert a lot of bidule istances and it looks like it limits my processors, look here https://logic-users-group.com/forums/threads/still-horrible-multithreading.2799/, also when i have many thing inserted i lose the accuracy and i still have not understood why it happens.
i have to try another way but i need to buy vienna ensemble pro to be able to use reaktor sidechained for sample compensation inside protools, instead of logic..

BTW i'm happy to hear you're feeling well with pro-tools, i'm feeling fine aswell but i really cannot abandon logic for now.

ATM i'm using both togheter, logic master, pro-tools slave, logic with 64 sample buffer, it's not sample accurate but until i do not use some instruments in pro-tools i don't need that...

delay between daws varies from 200 and 260 samples, i just have to remember it when i do precise automations in pro-tools

i have 24 digital out from logic to pt and now i've bougth some more cables and i have 8 additional analog outs, just in case i'm running out of the digital ones..
32 out are usually enough for me to get a separate pro-tools channel for every sound
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Editing wise I think that ProTools is way superior
After having heard this a lot before Logic 9 came out I'm really curious about what it is in PT that is better than in Logic 9.1. Details please! :)

I love the elastic time facility
Ditto. Is it really better than Flex?
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automation resolution is the first thing you will notice when switch to pro-tools, full automation resolution based on plug-in and not fixed to 127 or even less steps.

Second is the free draw pencil

third the easier management to move them around the project, including the ability to select and move multiple automation from different channels like you do with normal objects, while in logic you can't (unless you convert all automations to objects, losing all the higher resolution automations of logic plugs, and adding extra useless steps).

In logic everything has been added to the main program over the years, while basically protools is born with that automations, logic has introduced automation with logic 5 and like all the other added features they doesn't fit exactly in the software like it should be, so it's less versatile and more complicated, the same apply for midi in pro-tools...

It's like multichannel virtual instruments, it was not so easy to do multi intruments in logic, to get more than 1 midi channel in the past you had to duplicate the channel and then change the midi on the copied one, try having a look to vst multi-channel management in cubase...

I still not have compared flex and elastic audio, i will do it soon as i'm curious about who has done it better...
btw there's no transpose option when flex is active and there's no flex if you want to transpose an apple loop, as i have said, they add feature but it's not easy to make a perfect workflow merging new features with the old ones...

Btw i'm getting some issues with flex, sometimes i have to reboot logic cause it create problems with playback of non "flexed" tracks, also sometimes when i try to shrink some slices it doesn't works, it just shrink to a very little slice and there's no way to workaround it.. the region appears like corrupted and i have to reopen the audio
but, it's a new feature.. probably in logic 10 will be perfect, if they don't break something else in the meantime as usual..

About TDM the best thing is to be able to insert tdm plug-ins and rtas ones in the same strip and without any rule, you can do just what you want, in logic tdm it was much more limited, we had 2 distinct mixers...

i use pro-tools just a little compared to logic for now, but i still have to see it crashing to be honest. (cross fingers) :p
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