My new Kemper Profiling amp verses the real thing

Orren Merton

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Congrats on your Kemper! I'm a big fan of the unit, I think it's the only digital u it that I've used that can really get the feel when you're playing just right. (Full disclosure, I assisted Kemper Digital with the documentation).

Great video example! Definitely a spot on profile. My experience is that the quality of the profile has everything to do with how well you mic up your amp, and then how willing you are to refine the profile. In general, I think that the hardest amps to profile are the full on thermonuclear distortion amps, there's so much clipping going on it makes setting the level for the profile more difficult. But there are some really great profiles out there of über gainy amps, so it certainly can be done, and done well.

I wish my current audio interface, the Apogee Quartet, had SPIDIF inputs so I could go straight digital from my KPA!



Thanks Orren. I've gotten lost in this thing! And, I made the "mistake" of buying a big bundle of profiles yesterday (Amp Factory) so it's been very fun exploring. I've continued to make my own profiles and am trying to perfect the process. So far so good.

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