My New Release: The Misery EP!

Orren Merton

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Hi all,

I'm not just a Logic Pro admin/samurai/writer, but I use this stuff, too! :thmbup:

It's been quite a while since my musical project, Ember After, released it's debut album, but I've got another release now which I named "The Misery EP" because it's a 6-song cycle consisting of 3 songs, one being called Misery, which comes in three versions.

You can check out the music on the revamped Ember After Website

There is also an Ember After bandcamp page, on which you can listen to all the songs in their entirety, and buy the EP (for only $3!) or individual songs.

BTW, the title track, Misery, is a free download from my website or the bandcamp page, so enjoy!

You can also buy it on iTunes and soon other online stores.

So these songs were all composed and recorded in Logic, except for the bass in "Sick of It" and "Shallow (Otheroom Mix)" that was recorded in Digital Performer. I have numerous collaborators, all Logic users but the one aforementioned Digital Performer user, and we swap song files back and forth, with one being the "master project" to keep any versioning issues from cropping up. It works well, and it's a wonderful way of long-distance collaborating. I love living in the future!


Doug Zangar

Listening now - nice stuff! Such a departure from my world of music. Some many styles out there, so little time......

Wicked guitar on hellblau!