Logic Pro 8 naming midi files


I know how to name audio files so its easier to organize them, but how do you name a midi file when recording with a software instrument, i'm just trying to name some of my regions.
a MIDI file is different to a MIDI region. I'm not sure if you're asking the right question.

I name all my regions according to the instrument or role that region is playing.
I will sometimes also mark them 'take1', 'take2', etc. and sometimes 'best'

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It depends on how you have things set for naming in your Configure Track Header dialogue box. Without getting to bogged down in all the nuances of this - the following will probably work for you:

* Like an audio track, just name the track in advance of recording on it - and the newly recorded regions will take on the track name.

* If you want to rename a region after the fact, click on it with the text tool and rename it directly in the main body of the Arrange Window.

* Or, if you want to rename a region after the fact, select the region and rename it from the region parameter box in the upper left of the Inspector.
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