NAMM 2011

Doug Zangar

I'll be there from Wednesday PM until Sunday AM. Happy to meet up and say hi with any fellow LUG members, mutual time allowing. Feel free to e-mail me if you think you'll have free time.
Hi Doug,

I'm around Thursday, part of Friday, and maybe Saturday and Sunday wandering... where are you expected to be located (I am thinking if you are there Wednesday, you have a booth, since it is setup day, right).
Hey George,

I'm not involved in set up, just a travel day and chill day.I usually manage to hang with someone for dinner - if not, I bring plenty of work with me on my laptop.....

No real schedule, just try to see a lot of people that never or rarely make it to Seattle and talk shop.

I'll e-mail you my cell number - let's try to connect, would look forward to it.
I'll be working at the Casio booth.
Showing the Privia PX-3 and the newest releases.
Please come by and say hi.
Tom Hammer
Oooh, I'll be there, I'll be there! ;)

Unfortunately, my day job (editor for Course PTR) takes most of my time. But depending on meetings ending on time, I expect to have some wondering time on Thursday afternoon, perhaps late morning Friday (not sure), maybe late afternoon Friday (also not sure).

Doug, I still have your number. George, I know I used to have your number, but it seems my Mac's address book is as forgetful as I am. ;) If you two are around, perhaps we can find a moment to meet up. We'll see-as I said, my schedule these days depends very much on where my company needs me to be.

Anyone else at the show, if you see some guy in the hall with "Orren Merton" on his NAMM badge, yup, that's really me! :thmbup: Please don't hesitate to stop me to say hello! Even if I'm on my way somewhere, I'll always have at least a brief moment to say hello.

Time for the NAMM two-step!

Just leaving for the airport. Not sure if I have your contact info - feel free to call or text (although I'm not a big tester, may call you back) with your number. My time is pretty flexible - let's try to at least say hi.
Ok, still at NAMM and happy to report that I hooked up with George, Orren, and Tom on Thursday. Great to meet and talk with all of you. My social obligations for 2011 are complete and it's only January.....;)
Yea, coming out of the cave to the chaos of NAMM was startling, but to finally meet a few fellow LUgers was great. Orren, you are a long haired industrial freak, and Doug, well lets just say we could maybe be cousins, with our facial hair and definite lack of hair ;-)

All joking aside, it was great to meet you both after seeing your names on the Lug for so long, true kindred spirits.

I am going again on Sunday, so if there are any other people who might want to meet up for a bit, please pm me, I'll be happy to meet some more luggers,
I too can confirm that I had a wonderful time meeting George and Doug at the show. :thmbup: And it's nice to be in a group where I can feel like the young'un! :tongue: (I'm reaching that age where that happens less and less...)

There is an argument, which I get, that for the music technology field, since everyone gets so much info over the internet these days, there is less and less need for trade shows. But I really love the social aspect of trade shows. I don't care how many social networks, twitters, facebooks, and myspaces one has, it can't compete with face to face chatting. :)

I had the trade shows vs. social interaction talk with some other NAMM participants. I think trade shows may survive on that basis. Plus, for those dealing in hardware (or gasp, real musical instruments!), the internet don't cut it. Hands on is way better. So while we are animals, we are social animals. And I for one enjoy the hang with smart, talented people that NAMM. Great conversations - always learn things there.

That all said, it's great to be back home - just got in.