Native Instruments - Evolve Mutations - No Ugrade?

Howie Roxx

Hey Luggers,

If this is off topic, please accept my ignorant apology. :brkwl:

I have a gripe with Native Instruments. I have supported them over the years and have bought a number of their VST synths ET AL.

About six months ago they introduced "Evolve Mutations" for Kontakt @ $119 USD. It is a very cool set of weird sounds and very flexible.

Just recently, NI released "Evolve Mutations 2" @ $119 USD & "Evolve Mutations Bundle" @ $169 USD. The bundle is versions 1 & 2 at a savings of $69 USD.

I emailed them yesterday and they replied that there was no "upgrade offer" for purchasers of "Evolve Mutations" to purchase "Evolve Mutations 2". So I feel let down that now they are offering a bundled version at a significant savings over purchasing them as separate units @ $238 USD.

It seems logical that if someone purchased the First Version and wanted to buy the Second version that there would be an upgrade offer for loyally buying legitimate software. Why? Because they are now offering a bundled pricing for both that was not an option to consider when the First version was released and for us 'users' there was no way to know that a bundled version was already in the works. May I sarcastically refer to it as the 'bumbled' version, from my narrow point of view?

I would like to purchase "Evolve Mutations 2" and get an upgrade pricing.

Doe the LUG forum have any way to get a price break for registered users of "Evolve Mutations" to get and upgrade pricing on "Evolve Mutations 2"?

Thanks for reading this, it was cathartic to vent a bit even if there is no upgrade available.

Perhaps, if there were enough complaints to NI they would accede to the LUG Group and offer a discount. :D

Howie :cool:
Don't be too annoyed... there are a bunch of us that bought Evolve from Heavyocity, for much much larger sum. Personally I don't see a lot of value in the Mutations 2 library at this point.
Hey Matt,

Thanks.... maybe the reason for the bundle is because sales were slow and interest in the software was low. Maybe like you say, users were not getting a great value... who knows.

Thanks for your 'two cents'..

I've bought all of the incarnations of the Heavyocity libraries. I was pleased to see the price drop when Evolve 1 & 2 came out. Each library is different from the previous and since there's no repetition of patches, it's not really an upgrade.

I don't think they're being unfair. It's a niche product that's good for film and TV composers. As with all niche libraries, it's handy just to have them because you never know when you'll need a quirky sound that might be contained in one of them.

Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Hello Judith,

Thank you for your thoughtful reply and taking the time to convey your perspective.

Keep scoring that great music....

Howie :cool:
Hi Howie,
Thanks for the kind words:) And just for the record, I'm not a fan of Native Instruments and have tried avoiding buying their collections whenever possible.