Native Instruments... Kontakt!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Whats good Logic Fam,

I recently did some upgrades from Kontakt 2 to Kontakt 4... maybe a bit too soon, now all my kontakt 2 stuff won't pull up, any suggestions on how to link my kontakts so I won't loose my songs? Thank you

I moved this, it is an AU rather than Logic issue.

Geewhiz, can you please write out your systemdetails, please include how your Kontakt content is installed?

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Ok. I dont know if this is everything you need, but...

I'm on Mac OS X.
I have my native instruments: Applications/Native Instruments

Thanks for trying to help man, this could be a huge prob for me if my Kontakt is gone.

Well, you could provide a lot more information. Please take a look here:

Under 7. System Details you will see a list of information that can be important in trying to figure out problems.

Is the Kontakt content installed in the same folder as the app itself?

Also, after installing Kontakt 4, did you run it standalone before trying it in logic? That can be important with some sample libraries in order to complete their authorization.

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