Logic Pro 8 Navagation using keyboard only>Key commands


I am having a little trouble at moment on moving to the next step on my quest to using logic without the mouse/trackpad, well minimum use shall i say.

1.Lets say if i have 9 tracks Audio, external midi and software inst, and say i need to have a audio track selected and the external midi tracks regions selected as well or vis versa etc etc.
I cant figure out how to run around logics arrange window and select these desired regions and keep them selected?
Then say if i want to select a software inst track but keep all of the regions selected i just cant figure out how?
If i hold shift and left/right arrow to select regions and hold previous it just selects a region somewhere else at random? (i find logic does so many things with out me even wanting it to :brkwl:)

2. i,ve tried holding shift and scrolling down tracks but that just deselects the region.:brkwl:

3. Ive also tried turning off the "select regions on track selected" which is in Preferences>editing.:brkwl:

Also if there is any pointers on navigation with out the mouse/trackpad i would love to hear about them.

Thanks, any feedback would be highly appreciative.

Doug Zangar

You don't say why you want the regions selected.

Do you want them to be soloed? (use solo lock mode).

For editing, you're on the basic path. Using Option when clicking on a track will temporarily toggle your preference setting (select regions on track selection on/off). Your edit menu will show some choices on selection (select all following, etc.). Most are assigned key commands already.

You could stuff things in a folder(s) - this makes more sense if these are regularly recurring selections.

Also (still requires mouse) you could use toggle selection. Select one region, shift select others around it. It will de-select existing region and select the others.

Speaking of others, I bet some other individuals will give you some additional good (or better) ideas.
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