Logic Pro 7 & earlier Need a Logic and Apple historian...


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I'm attempting to resurrect a very old setup and wonder if anyone has expertise on some very old gear. I built my studio in 1999 on a Mac 8600 and bought the Logic AW8 sound card.

I just was given a 733 mHz PowerPC Mac G4 running system 10.3.9. OK, stop laughing! At least it is an upgrade from my 8600, right?

So I want to know if my AW8 will work in this machine. Both my ancient Mac and my somewhat newer Mac are PowerPC based. I guess I'll just put the card in, fire up the newer Mac and see if it can address the card.

Assuming I have an interface, next I'll need to buy Logic Express. Will this open my old Logic documents? I was running Logic Gold 4.8x

Any help most appreciated.
This may be too late for but I've only just joined the group.
My old 533MHz Digital G4 Powermac had no problem with an AW8 card.
You will need a version of Logic 7 to be able to convert logic 4.8 songs. Logic 8 and 9 will not convert them.
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It can't be Logic 7.2 because it gives me a error & stops me from converting 4.8 & 4.14 songs, but 7.0 doesn't do that. It allows me to convert them.
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