Logic Pro 8 Need advice on courrupted project


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Hello friends,

My first logic board post!

I have a project that has crashed numerous times and now it cannot find some crucial vocal files. There are 2 versions of this project on my drive and neither have the missing files in the respective audio folder. I use finder to search the computer and it will find something in the trash with a Similar file name but not exact. I try to take the file out of trash and get an error message saying the file is busy. (no apps open at time).

Thanks in advance,
The first thing to try is log out and then log in again. The files should no longer be busy and you should be able to rescue them.

Do you run Time Machine? Restore an older (working copy) of the song.

Do you have Logic set to save backups? If so, try opening one of the backup copies.

If you can get the project back to a working state, re-save with a different name.

Give us more details as they happen.....?

Regards - Colin
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