Need Guitars?

If you need any guitar work done, gimme a shout. I play Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Motown & Classic Rock. (Or any other form of Rock) Lead/Rhythm/Ambient I have pro gear & 30 years experience. I don't want your money, just credit for my parts on your record. You upload a stereo mix of your tune on my iDisk, I'll upload my guitar parts when they're done. I'll give you a processed guitar track & the raw recording just in case you want to do something different with it. I'm open to offering my input on any style of music, so long as it's positive in nature. (Not interested in putting guitar tracks down for tunes that promote hatred, racial or Spiritual intolerance, violence, disrespect etc...) You get the idea! ;0) We have some rough recordings & videos up on our website that you can check out so you can get an idea as to how I play, we'll be uploading better quality mixes in the very near future so you can get an idea as to how the recordings will sound. I can record live off the floor and/or through a Pod/direct so you can have your choice of sounds. If interested, just drop me a line.
Peace - J.