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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to transpose an entire song in Logic to a different key? The song contains both MIDI and audio regions.

I have 2 tracks, one is a MIDI track and the other an audio track. The MIDI region is in the key of CMaj, but when I change the Key Signature of the project from CMaj to DMaj I notice that the MIDI notes don't change. They stay in the key of CMaj.

However, the audio regions seem to transpose up 1 octave. Although I can't see any visual representation of this, either on the audio region, or in the 'transposition' tab in the lefthand column. This makes it difficult to know which key the audio regions are in once the Key Signature has been altered.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is:
1. Write a song (with both MIDI and audio tracks)
2. Change the key of the song - ie) from CMaj to Dmaj, then maybe to Fmin or Gmin, to see what sounds best
3. Have all regions in the song transpose to the appropraite key accordingly

If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!!

Apologies if this is a really stupid and basic question, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere else in the forums
However, the audio regions seem to transpose up 1 octave.

Something is wrong then. Unless they are Apple Loops, they shouldn't transpose when you change the key signature.

Otherwise the key sig is just for display in the score.

MIDI regions need to be transposed using the transpose parameter in the Region inspector. The upper box of the inspector shows the region parameters. If you have the "no transposition ticked in the lower box of the inspector, then regions on that track won't transpose (useful for drum parts).

If you then use the key command for normalise, this "prints" the transposition to the actual MIDI notes.

Alternatively you can tick transposition in the lower box of the inspector and this transposes that whole track.

For audio you can either transpose destructively using the Sample Edit Time and Pitch, or you could put a pitch shifter plugin on the tracks.

Either way, don't expect miracles with audio, if so you may want to look at something like Melodyne.
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