Logic Pro 8 need help configuring keyboard controller


New Member
I'm running logic 8.0.2 and want to use the sliders on my Edirol PCR-300 keyboard controller to correspond to the channels in the mixer. I've been trying to use the learn mode in the controller assignment window, but without success. I can see when I move the sliders in the arrange window that they are sending on midi channel 16 - 48/49/50 depending on which slider(controller number?) - 0-127, but when I complete the "learn" nothing happens. Somehow yesterday I had a combination where I was able to control the selected channel with one slider, but then as I tried to add the other sliders they weren't corresponding to the right channels. Since it wasn't working right I deleted those controller assignments, and now I'm back to square one.

hope someone can describe the steps I'm missing- thanks!