Logic Pro 8 need help with apple loops utility

I heven't used it for a while, and especially not Logic 8, but I do remember there being a difference between the way it handles wav and aiff files. Try doing a wav/aif conversion first and see what happens.
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Serious Loop Question- PLEASE HELP ME.

Hi, Im working with Logic pro 8 and im having some serious trouble with audio loops. Im trying to get the key of the loop to change as well as the tempo.

The loops that come out in midi file i can adjust, but theres many other loops that come out in audio file and I can not get those to change keys or tempos.

For example, Im trying to get the "Irish Lore Voice 03" Loop to slow down and change keys. When this loop is over in the loop bin with all the other loops, I see how you can click on the little box that says "play in" so you can hear it in many different keys, but then when you take this loop as well as all the other loops and put it in the arrange window so that it will fit in the piece, it goes back to its original key. WHY IS THIS?? How can i CHANGE THIS?????

Is it possible to change the tempo and keys of these audio loops/files IN the arrange window so it will actually fit what I have recorded????? what i have recorded is something that has a fixed tempo that was recorded with a metronome so im not asking a loop to match something impossible. If this is possible, please tell me how. I've been trying to figure this out for over 24 hours now and im about to throw the computer through the window in frustration.
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