Logic Pro 9 Need help with assigning midi channels to vienna ensemble pro


Hi I am using Logic 9 via Vienna Ensemble Pro with 2 slave PC computers hosting all my vstis. I want to use this for film scoring with large orchestral templates. (I am a former Cubase user and this set works great)

So far I have everything working well. As I am new to Logic, I am a little stuck on automation. Most of my vsti's are either CC11 or CC 7 controllable so I'd like to be able to control and edit that in the same lane as the midi data.

My main problem is, I want to be able to control the volume automation on each of my 1-16 midi channels per instrument track separately. But when I click on the volume / vienna ensemble, there are 64 volume channels to choose from. So I can't figure out which ones go with which midi channes. Channel 1 turns the automation orange and controls midi channel 1 fine, but I need to do the same thing for channels 1-15 (for each multi channel instrument)

thanks for the help! :hippy:
hmmm still not working.. strange. I can change channel volume but not the separate midi (1-16) within each channel. Any tips would be great thanks!
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you must use CC 11 to control the volume of each midi channels

the best thing is to make a transformer that will convert CC7 to CC11
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Thank you so much. Could you please point me in the direction of a tutorial to do this? I would rather not have to edit cc data in hyper window as I prefer to actually see the data I'm editing to. I also heard its possible to use the track pan - and convert it to control CC data which would be much preferable to me as my orchestral instruments are already pre panned anyway. Thanks so much!
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FYI...I've discovered that Youtube is full of useful Logic tutorials...free for the viewing on a regular browser...just saw one recently on using the Transformer, which would solve issues like the one discussed in this thread.--tl
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