Need recommendations a keyboard controller ?

Andre Favreau


I’m looking for a keyboard controller that works well with Logic. Any suggestions?
My goal is to control Logic and third party audio instruments, not so much the mixer and transport controls.

This is what I’m looking for:

1-49 keys or more
2-Synth action. I already have a piano.
2-Easily switch Logic track
3-Change audio instrument presets
4-Automatic mapping of Smart controls



These links may provide useful information to consider:

I'm not a keyboard player and use MIDI guitar for recording MIDI.
The original MPK Mini is on hand for quick sound audition or key switching, a MIXFACE for CC/Smart Controls, and a MC1 for pitch and modulation.

In the past, I used a Novation SL MKLL for transport, CC, Smart Controls, key switching, etc. No automap. It worked great!