Logic Pro 9 Need to download Logic 9 onto laptop

Desha D

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I purchased Logic 9 upgrade in July of 2011 and installed it on my desktop system.

My laptop still has Logic 8 on it. I want to install 9 there as well now, but don't see how to do it. I look at purchase history in Mac Apps, which is where I've seen others told they should go and just download it, but mine shows no purchases. I have the serial number - is there somewhere else I can download it from? anywhere else apple would have record of my purchase?

Thanks for any help.

The only way to do it is to take your Logic Pro 9 upgrade discs, and make disc images of them, then use them for the installation process.

If you didn't buy the $200 version of Logic Pro off the Apple App Store, you can't download from there.
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I bought an Imac 2 years ago with logic express 9 pre-installed. I am buying a new macbook pro soon and I need to know how to tansger logic express 9 to my new laptop. Any suggestions?
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Take a look at the discs that came with the computer from back then. I'm sure you have an installer or recovery disc that has any apps you purchased on them.
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