Logic Pro (X) New Book: "Logic Pro X - What's New in 10.4" (230 pages)

If you need some help figuring out all the changes (that you don't even know that they exist) in the new Logic Pro X update 10.4 or want to know how all the great new feature (Smart Tempo, Articulations, etc.) work, here is some help, my new book "Logic Pro X - What's New in 10.4", released today.


These "Graphically Enhanced Release Notes" provide on 230 pages the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the new features and changes with in-depth explanations, lots of unique diagrams and graphics, additional information, and instructions not found anywhere else.

The book is available as pdf file and printed book on Amazon (iBooks available later this month). All the links on my website http://LogicPRoGEM.com

Finally, you will understand how Smart Tempo and Articulation Switching works and how to use them. Two new groundbreaking features that are not available on any other DAW.

Great work Edgar, well done and thanks! Thanks also for publishing in pdf format, I just can't warm to iBooks...

kind regards

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