Logic Pro X New bug with screensets

Colin Shapiro

A new problem I've noticed with Logic Pro X 10.0.1:
I open a saved project that opens to screenset 1, which is how I saved it.

I go to a another screen set - say 5 or 6.

I go back to screenset 1 and the Main window has resized itself to be different from what I had before, usually smaller. If I fix the Main window (i.e. reset the size), change screensets and go back to screenset 1, it will at times be okay and at times will change size again.

This happens if I use key strokes or select the screenset from the menu.

Anyone else...?


No not like that but I had similar behaviour (in the sense that the screen set forgets stuff) with the transport window. From time to time it forgets that I have chosen "custom" in the LCD setting and sometimes it's just not possible to choose anything from the LCD dropdown menu, it is greyed out. Then after closing it and opening it again it's back.


New Member
Logic forgot window settings

the reason is simple: Your Screenset is locked. Under "Window settigs" (or equivalent) there is a menu entry "lock / unlock", the default shortcut is Shift-Command-L

Colin Shapiro

Actually, NONE of my screensets are locked. In fact, I previously tried to lock my screensets to prevent the problem.

This problem still occurs in Logic Pro 10.0.6

Doug Zangar

I use screen sets daily on 2 or 3 different computers and don't have this problem... I also recently taught a 10 week logic class that had 13 stations and no problems reported there. Would look to be specific (unfortunately) to your set up.

Colin Shapiro

Doug, sadly I think you may be right.
I can't think what could be causing this problem on my system though. I'm using an old Apple 30" monitor. Did any of your systems have one of these?