Logic Pro (X) new crash situation 'required content'


Having successfully ( I think) downloaded all new content by creating the simplest of simple new songs in order to do so, when I load a current ( complex) song I continue to get this alert - which leads to a crash. (See attachment)

" Some required content for this project is missing... ( and it goes on)

What is this?



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You can check if all the content has been downloaded.
Go to the main Logic Pro X menu and select Download Additional Content...
In the window that opens, all status columns should have [Installed]
If not, theoretically you're not done - though some folks have complained that they downloaded everything and Logic kept asking for more.

Maybe try the usual housekeeping routines e.g. restart your Mac, repair permissions in Disk Utility.
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Thanks Colin - There is only one status column and everything in the list has 'installed' - but here's an interesting thing - despite being 'installed' the Apple Loops in the Legacy and Compatibility collection are greyed out. After a bit of googling I wonder if this is about filepaths. My Apple Loops are off-board on an external drive. Please see attachment.
What is the correct filepath for Apple Loops, please?


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In Logic Pro X I know of 2 places:
[Yourdrive]Library/Audio/Apple loops/Apple
[Yourdrive]/Library/Application Support/Garageband/Apple Loops

A suggestion might be to make aliases of your off-board loops folder and try putting them in the first location as shown above.
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Yes, I believe that would do it.
I get this same msge now, after moving my large samples like Omnisphere to another drive. No crash though, I just select do not download...
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Thanks Colin - I've tried both tactics, and now have the loops in the right filepath, but this hasn't changed the cyclic download, crash, or greyed out items in the Download Additional Content window. I've even re-indexed from the loops window within Logic. How might I start from scratch with all the loops?
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I just checked my setup and I also have all the Apple Loops in the Jam Pack section greyed out. However, I don't have the problems you've described.

Sorry - I really can't guess about why this is.

My only suggestion would be to try downloading one of the Jam Packs as a test. Also look here at LUG and the Apple Logic forums about problems with additional content as there have been a few discussions in the past.
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Hi all, thanks for your responses - the problem seems to have vanished - I don't know why but but I did copy my Apple Loops back to the main drive :)

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