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Hey Guys. I am new to the forum and Logic 9, but have used Logic in the past. Just been out of the game a few years. Just wondering what might be the optimum settings for the buffer, and all that stuff. Any help to get me back up to speed would be appreciated. I am using a brand new imac 2.7g, 8gb memory, 1TB storage.



You want your I/O buffer to be as low as possible when tracking. 128 seems to be a sweet spot for acceptable latency. Lower is better if your system can function without pops and other audio artifacts.

This will really depend upon whether you're tracking only or mostly audio vs. using many software instruments.

Having separate external hard drives for sample libraries and for project files will also optimize performance vs running OS/apps, sampler instruments and projects from the internal drive. The internal drive is ok if your projects are smaller, but you'll really need the external drives as track count increases.

Keep an eye on the Load Meters (for cpu and hard drive stress) in the transport. You can double-click it to open it in a separate window.

For mixing with lots of plug-ins, increase the I/O to 1024 to reduce cpu stress. At this point, latency is not a concern.

I set Plug-in latency Compensation to All, and turn off Low Latency mode.

Doug Zangar

CSeye hit some good points, I'll add just one. If you want to take advantage of your 8 gigs of RAM, make sure you open Logic in 64 bit mode.


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Thanks guys. Been awhile but that all sounds very familiar. Explain 64 bit mode and how to get there. I feel like a dolt it's been so long. Never mind I figured it out. Thanks again guys.