Logic Studio apps New in MainStage 3.4.3



  • MainStage no longer hangs after adding a Preset Name mapping to a channel strip after several patches have been created in the Concert.

  • MainStage no longer exhibits stuck MIDI notes and then loses connection to the MIDI interface.
    The Playback plug-in no longer unexpectedly jumps back to the beginning of the song in certain cases where playing MIDI in to MainStage causes a system overload.
    There are no longer unexpected System Overloads immediately after loading a Concert or a patch.
    MainStage no longer hangs when opening a Concert that contains multiple duplicated patches.
    Performance is improved while switching between patches in Concerts that use a large number of Audio Unit plug-ins.

  • The Tab key indents text two spaces as expected when editing in the Scripter plug-in.

  • Edited text in inspectors now reliably updates immediately.
    Tempo-based Audio Unit plug-ins now maintain sync when MainStage is synced to MIDI Clock.
    The New Track sheet now shows all available busses for multi-output instruments.
    Concerts created in MainStage 3.1 or older now open as expected.
    Duplicating an alias of a patch no longer causes unexpected sound output.
    The Metronome Division setting is now retained when opening a saved Concert.