new keyboard - newbie question


Hi, all,

I'm buying a new keyboard and just want to make sure of one thing: if a keyboard by itself, without worrying about MIDI hook-up and Logic, etc., has velocity sensitivity or a weighted hammer - does this mean it will translate the actual performance of the way I'm playing the keys (force, etc.) into Logic?


Pete Thomas

Staff member
The hammer weighting is irrelevant to MIDI, it's just a mechanical thing to make it feel more like a real piano. However if you are an experienced (real) piano player, it could well help you get a better performance.

All that matters after that is the velocity sensitivity, and I'm sure every MIDI keyboard available these days has that.

Some keyboards have after touch, which is only relevant for synthesized sounds as opposed to percussive keyboard such as piano or mallet samples.

If you need after touch (ie you keep pressing the key to manipulate a synth sound after the initial attack) then that should be a consideration when looking for a keyboard.


(1) If you are a piano player you may feel more comfortable with a weighted keyboard.

(2) If you are an experienced synth play with the need for it, then afyter touch is important

(3) Neither of the above, just get a basic MIDI keyboard that sends notes, pitchwheel and CC data.