Logic Pro 9 New Logic GUI Deluxe – Free


Audiogrocery is excited to announce the new Logic GUI Deluxe which is royalty free.

Logic GUI Deluxe is a new friendly graphical interface designed to refresh and inspire the Logic Pro users offering an intuitive design of the objects resembling hardware studio equipment. The pack comes with standard installer(s) so you can easily install the new skin or revert to the original. You can download the Logic GUI Deluxe in the site below.


Frankly, I see nothing wrong with the current user interface--which looks pretty elegant--and am not sure why anyone would find this useful.

But maybe that's just me.
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If you don't find anything wrong with the GUI then don't change it.
There are two main reasons why people do it.

1) Looks
This is just a matter of personal taste. If you prefer a pink button instead of a grey button go ahead and change it. "Pimp your Ride". SOme people might consider a color scheme "cool", for other people it might be an "eye sore"

2) Functionality
If I need a dB scale on my meter level and Logic doesn't offer that for any reason (that are beyond me) and I can add that , great so I don't have to switch to another DAW that provides that essential feature. If I find it more useful to have some button shine fire red when activated because it signals possible destructive activities, then I prefer that instead of a light shaded greed color that could be easily overlooked.

But at the end it is up to you if you find that a GUI change helps your workflow because it is more productive or just more fun or none of the above.

If you prefer a less flashy and more functionality based approach, check it out on my Logic Manuals download page (see link below)
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I downloaded it Edgar but I do not see any instructions, just the tiffs and where to put them.

I would like to add the dB scale to the meters but preserve the color scheme. How can I do so?
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I had two links on my Manuals page. The original that I created for Logic 8 had a pdf file with some examples and a "how to" section. In Logic 9 the location of some of the image files changed and I created a separate download link for Logic 9. That zip file has only two folders containing the image files. The name of each folder represents the actual path of the directory inside the Package Content where you find those images. I haven't updated the pdf file for that Logic 9 zip file. I guess that is the one you downloaded.

The procedure is really that simple:
  • 1) Open the the Package Content Directory of the Logic app (right click, select "Show Package Contents"
  • 2) Open the first directory: "Contents > Resources" and replace the images in that folder with my new images
  • 3) Navigate to the second directory "Contents > Frameworks > MAResources.framework > Versions > A > Resources" and overwrite the images in that folder with my new images from the equally named folder
Of course it goes without saying that you make a copy of your Logic app before doing the procedure and have Logic not running while doing the "surgery". That's pretty much it.

The 4 images for the meter scale are in the "Contents > Resources" directory. Their names start with "LevelMeter..." Please note that I made only the dB-Scale not the Exponential iages (because that's the one I'm using). If you set your mixer to Exponential, you will see the original Logic meters.
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and am not sure why anyone would find this useful.

I think Edgar was very detailed in his two reasons ( Looks & Functionality ).
Many people report (usually after new Logic update) that the interface is not changed for so long time and some of them are tired of this gray overview etc which is more related to the Edgar's reasons.

I may add another more reason too.
Crossing the Logic forums I have seen posts where new Logic users coming from another DAW, can not find the stereo/mono track switch (which are 2 or 1 cycle icons in the Logic original Gui track switcher mode), or they can not find where is the "Audio Mixdown" button which in labeled as "Bnce" in Logic.
In other words they need more intuitive graphical interface that's why I replaced the track switcher modes Cycle icons with small speaker icons, as well as the Bnce button with a standard "Record" button reassembling your old mix DAT machine etc. dB metering of the all channels strip is added too, which is missing in the original gui.
By the way there are "Easy" compare GUI buttons in the Logic GUI Deluxe download link, where you can quickly swap the Gui Deluxe and the Original Gui to find the differences.

To help the people to install the new Logic GUI or revert to the original one I created standard Mac Installers which are 450kb about. The installers save time, of making image backups, learning how to replace images in the Logic Contain/resources folder etc. Using installer is an easy and gently way of Gui installing.
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Logic's options to enhance looks and functionality based on personal preference is very limited compared to other DAW.

Cubase has had built-in GUI modification preferences for years. Reaper, and more recently DP offer various color themes to suit the creative mood of the user.

I've installed the Audio Grocery GUI and really like it!!! There's plenty of cool GUI images available on line, but one has to enter through the underbelly of Logic via the Package>Contents install them. Not a big deal, but perhaps a bit risky. The AG really makes it easy to revert back to the original GUI. Very Cool!!!
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One thing I would like to see is a way to choose the color of the outline of the highlighted window. I used to be able to do this with LAW. I could make it a bright color and there was never any question of which window was highlighted.
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Logic's GUI, from version 4 on, has always been my absolute favorite. So much that I systematically tried to customize my other DAW softwares to give them a similar look.

I do tend to prefer the darker color scheme of version 7 over the new 8 and 9 look. Should Audiogrocery ever offer something like that, they might have a taker here. :)
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