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Time to replace my trust but dangerously heating 2012 MacBookPro .. with either another MBP or possibly an iMac...

I seldom need to use more than 16 tracks and generally I’m light on effects so I assume cpu power is not an issue for my needs, but keyboard, good IO, and general ‘feel’ and operation certainly is.

Is anyone similarly making the jump now and can recommend working with either a new Macbook or iMac?
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Well, 16 Tracks were easily possible using the sort of computers we had in the 90s, so your 2012 Mac Book Pro shouldn't be flattened by that - but if it is dying (battery?) then understandable to be looking around. If you don't require mobility, an iMac is usually better value compared with a Notebook, and the current iMac allows user RAM to be installed. In terms of keyboard, feel etc. it would make sense, if you have the chance to check out the current models in a retail outlet to do so.

The other thing is the that transition from Intel to ARM processors has just started - might be worth looking at the Apple announcement from yesterday:

Personally, I would wait a little before jumping in and getting one of the very first of the new Macs - amongst a number of reasons, they are apparently restricted to a maximum of 16 GB RAM, and cannot work with external GPUs.

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