New macbook - advice needed


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NCD & NLD - advice needed

New Macbook pro 15 - (Stoked!) first mac
512 mb
16 gig ram
i7 2.3

JBL 305- monitors

Logic X - Digi 002r (it was free)

I've been out of recording for a while and am diving right in- probably need to upgrade my interface pretty quick but would like to get some mic's first- or what other gear should I get? I would like a mashine sample pad at some point - I have a large pos keyboard I will probably try to use for some of the midi stuff.

I play in a hard rock band - but would also like to record acoustic guitars & vocals and even some Industrial music -NIN etc. I am brand new to logic just hooked it up yesterday and recorded some guitar and bass just to test out logic and my connections- Any and all advice welcomed - any recommended tutorials - just any input

What mic's to get?
Budget preamp maybe?

Also Is there any buffer settings that should be adjusted?- or latency issues? Bit Rate?
I am just running it right out of the box -