Logic Pro 9 NEW MACBOOK PRO/LOGIC 9 - Best Interface?


Hi all

I need advice on the best sounding (regardless of budget) 2 channel audio interface for my 17" 3.06 Macbook Pro w/8 gig RAM

I don't need multiple inputs or outs since I'll mix in Pro Tools HD with plenty of those.

This is for home and remote recording - I want to know that if I record a vocal or a guitar I will want to keep it because it sounds killer!! The pre's should be awesome, and if there is one with compression and/or eq as well - even better. Is there something like a FW version of the Avalon 737? (but smaller, LOL)


also - what about a midi interface - for internal soft synths only


Mark -

Thanks so much for that - wow!! It looks awesome.

I can see using this as a standalone pre when I'm using my desktop protools rig as well...it seems to be rated as well as anything else out there, FW or not!

That way it would fit the needs of 2 separate pieces of gear - something that travels well with the laptop and logic, , and something that still sounds amazing right here at home with ProTools and a desktop.

I looked on ebay - no luck finding one.

Thanks again - anyone else?

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Hi Greg,

There are ULN-2s being offered second hand on the Metric Halo users mailing list once in a while, I've also seen some on macosxaudio.com and gearslutz.com. I doubt you'll find much on eBay. I was going to sell my ULN-2 when I got my ULN-8 but am now hanging on to it to use outside of my home studio.

These devices are difficult to let go! :)

Take care,

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I'll add my vote to Metric Halo too! The ULN series of interfaces also support inserts if you want to insert the compressor of your choice. I would also suggest you look at the 8 even if you think you are covered for recording more sources. The flexibility that comes with this box is simply astounding and with the 2d and +DSP options, it becomes a fantastic mixer as well. It's replaced a lot of other gear in my rig: I sold my external mic pres from Grace and 7th Circle, I will probably be selling my Presonus Central Station, I use the ULN-8 for all conversion duties, I use it to mix with its internal mix bus and plugins, the DIs sound great. The list goes on and on. It's got AES i/o so it can be the front end of your PT rig, depending on the hardware you are using for that.

Good luck!
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