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Hi Guys,

It's Jay Asher. I am not new here but this screenname is.

In the last few years, frequently on forums I have endeavored to help folks with problems they have with various products I use, and defended companies and products when I felt the criticisms were inaccurate, system specific, or unfair. Â EastWest and its Play products have been among them.

This did not go unnoticed by EastWest who liked the (mostly) disciplined and objective way I have done so, and the company offered me a position to assist those having issues and coordinate a resolution, which I have accepted. Â I will ask you to believe me when I tell you that when I have written what I have in the past I had no idea this offer would be forthcoming, so profit was not my motive. I also will promise you I will never write anything I do not believe to be true.

So I will be here under this screenname to try and help you resolve issues with EW products that you are not getting satisfactory answers to and give you information that East West thinks you should know. I will continue to use the Jay Asher screenname to discuss non EastWest related topics.

Some of you may have had past issues with the company, I understand and respect that, but I believe it is a positive move they have recognized this and appointed someone to monitor and assist. Â I am here to serve a constructive role. Â So I will focus on helping you achieve resolution for specific issues.

Sometimes this will help, other times it will not. One of the singular things about how Digidesign, now Avid, did their business that lead to their reputation as the most stable system was to eliminate variables.  They wrote the software, designed and built the hardware, designated the plug-in formats, and tested and qualified systems.  So they would essentially say to their user base, "Here is what we have tested. If you use our hardware and software with only our recommended settings, hardware components, platform and OS recommendations, we will warranty that it will work well. Any deviation from this may or may not work and we do not take responsibility for any system that is having problems that does not follow this."  This could be annoying as they were slow to qualify new OS, computers, hard drive systems, etc. but it definitely gave users a good path to stability.

This is simply not possible in the world EastWest has to deal with. Â There are too many different Macs, different PCs, some hand built with tons of different components by people with different levels of skill at this; different versions of different OS; different hard drives; different amounts of RAM and CPU power; different hosts; different combination of plug-ins, virtual instruments (some of them very demanding on computer resources); and yes, different levels of knowledge and skill of the users.

So there are always going to be issues that some users have that others do not because of the interaction of all these, and it changes constantly!  EastWest is the industries most awarded producer, and just picked up 2 more awards last month, one being Sound On Sound "Readers Choice Award", voted by the readers of SOS over a 3 month period; the other being Electronic Musician "Editors Choice Award", so in general their products are highly regarded.  However, as with all successful companies, some users have unresolved issues, and my role is to give those customers my best effort, within reason, to try and resolve these as soon as possible.

Hopefully, I won't screw it up :)

Jay Asher
Online Coordinator
EastWest/Quantum Leap
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Hey Jay,

Congratulations on the new position! I know you'll do great. You've always been nothing but helpful and patient the few times you've helped me trouble shoot different problems over the phone. You'll be a great addition to East West in helping Play (and other East West products) achieve even more widespread and mainstream success than they currently already have.