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I'm currently using Ableton Live 8 on my MacBook but have been thinking about Logic now that the price has dropped. I've already bought Mainstage to get a feel for the plugins. I'm sure I'll be asking the usual silly newbie questions, be patient with me!

Hardware: Motif XF6 with FW audio/MIDI interface, DSI Evolver, Focusrite Safffire Pro 40 FW audio interface.
Welcome to the LUG! And the thing about Ableton Live is that since you can use it as a Rewire slave, you actually can use it alongside Logic. You Launch Logic first, then Launch Ableton Live 8, and you can then use the Session or groove or other features you like in Live, and buss all the tracks into the Logic mixer. When you hit play, fast forward, rewind, skip to various locations on the Logic timeline, Ableton Live will follow.

Not that you necessarily want to use Live with Logic, but you can if you want to. It doesn't have to be either/or. :)