New MOOG Synth app for iPad...


If you have an iPad (1 or 2,) beloved legacy-synth makers Moog have an app that is pretty neat.
It's called Animoog and it turns your iPad into a fun & unique Moog synth.
Here's an article that describes it pretty well:

The best part about this is that you can buy it now for super-cheap; .99¢.
After a month the price will leap to $30. :eeek:
It comes with some great preset sounds that are fully editable & savable as new patches.
I just got it a half hour ago so I am obviously very new to it but I can tell you that I love the scalable tuning (that you can edit,) and the ADSR controls.
Plus the Timbres are vintage & modern Moog samples that act as starting points for your sounds.

And using this X/Y Grid to change/effect your sounds is fun too.
...And it looks awesome. :thmbup: