Logic Pro 9 New Personal Manual - Logic 9 Key Commands

I just uploaded my first Personal Manual for the new Logic 9. It is the same concept what I did for Logic 8. Export all the Key commands for the current version (L9) and the previous version (L8). put them in a spreadsheet side by side and see what has changed.

There are three color codes to see right away
a) which Key Commands are new (or deleted) in Logic 9
b) which Key Commands were new in Logic (Logic 8) , I just kept that data in there.
c) which Key Command's name changed from the previous version
In case you ever wondered how many key command are in Logic: 1,175
(I just wished there was the Key Command No 1,176 "Enable Long File Name Support")

The pdf file is available as a free download from my website. I also made that Manual available as the original Numbers file and Excel file, in case you want to import your data in it or continue to work with it.
(BTW, I changed all the downloadable Manuals from the original zip format to the pdf format. Some users made that valid request so they can view the manuals direct in their browser wherever they are without de-compressing the zip files.

Here is the link:

Happy Exploring


Colin Shapiro

Edgar - a big thanks once more for the great work you do.
Much appreciated!! :beer:

I've seen your criticisms in another thread about Logic 9 and I hope you find some joy and comfort in the new features.

Regards - Colin
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