New ProMacs on Apples site

I've been waiting for this update to upgrade my studio! I remember hearing about Logic having trouble using more than 2 cores in the past. Is this still an issue? If I spring for the 12 core will it take advantage of the full power of that machine?
Well, it will use all 12 cores, BUT Logic only uses 1 core for the currently active task: if you are playing an instance of Sculpture, or maybe ACE, plug-ins that can bring a CPU to it's knees, and you try and play allot of voices, your computer will still bog down, and you will still get CPU overloads.

Logic works like this now... I don't imagine that it should work any different any time soon.
Will it at least split different channels across different processors (i.e. 36 channels will run with 3 channels on each core on a 12 core machine - or even better load balancing channels so a really CPU heavy channel will get a core to itself)? If this isn't possible what is the point of having a 12 core machine? I can understand the trouble if a single channel maxes out a core but if it can't load balance channels across cores optimally that would be a problem and make the 12 cores not worth the extra money. I want the power, but only if I can use all of it! 🙂
It does balance things to a degree, other than the active CPU... just watch your meters in the activity monitor utility. You will see how things divide.
That's good to hear. I'm not really able to get a feel for how it will handle many cores as I'm still on a lowly Core 2 Duo at the moment. What I'm wondering is how it will handle large soft synth projects. Will it be able to saturate all cores well and not overload as long as I don't do things like you mentioned such as many voices of a single instance of a very CPU intensive synth? I need to be sure it will really use all the power before I lay down the cash to get they power...
But the 8-core with the new 5620 processor is easily fast enough and it's priced like the mid models usually are. Slightly higher because there are more models now.
It's around the same price I paid for my 2.3 G5 in 2004. If this one lasts for 5½ years as well then I live with that.
Recent updates has forced my ancient G5 tempo so far down that I have been telling clients that I was fully booked just to avoid them finding out just how old my computer is (and soon luckily was)🙂
I for one am very relieved that they are finally here
6 core Macs CAN use 8 gig chips

OWC confirmed that 8GB modules work in the 6 and 12 core Westmere

So with a single 6 core Mac Pro you CAN run 24 gig ram... yea baby!