New screen for Mac Studio, or possibly keep old one?


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I am awaiting delivery of a Mac Studio, and need to consider what options there are wrt a screen. I have a now very old 30" Apple Cinema Display which has been great and which I would love to keep using. It has a dual DVI connection. Does anyone know if or how this may be succesfully connected (via TB or HDMI) to a Mac Studio)? Are there any adapters known to work?

Failing that, I am looking for recommendations for a new screen. It should be 30-32" (more than 32" would cause problems with the placement of my studio speakers). It should be flat - a large curved surface between the speakers could be an acoustic nightmare. I expect a resolution of 4 K would be about as high as I would need to go. I would prefer not to spend more than 1000 Euro.

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!

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To support the option of keeping the current Apple display in service:
Currently, I'm using a 24" Dell Ultrasharp monitor I acquired in 2014.
Connections: Dell monitor (DVI?) to Apple HDMI adapter to the HDMI port on my M1 Mini.

Over the years, I've had good luck finding X to Y adapters that have worked as expected.


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