New Set up problem.

Paul Brough

New Member
Fairly new to Logic and having a (simple I think) issue. Trying to hook up new studio and not getting very far – hope you guys can help.
I have an FA06 into USB port 1, a TR-8 into USB port 2, a TB03 on port 3 and a D05 on port 4, and monitors in MIX L/R all on the MX-1 going into Logic Pro X (on iMac running El Capitain).
I can record midi data (and hear while playing) but nothing sounds when I play back. Nothing at all. Audio input/output is set at MX1. So, 1/ How do I assign that USB 2 on the MX-1 is what the midi track should play? Or 2/ How do I get Logic set up to hear play back?
Many thanks