New to Logic - Looking for advice on programming drums


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Hi -
I am new to logic and am planning on recording a few covers to get familiar with the system and work on getting my workflow started.

Can anyone suggest the best way to drop an MP3 into Logic and lock it to a click (at the correct tempo of the MP3)? Once I get that in order I can start work on programming the drums etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Beat mapping and detect tempo are great tools. Often I manually correct it and dial in the bpm to the 4th decimal place if I have to (120.7655 bpm) I kid you not. I'll drag out say a simple quarter note kick drum beat for the length of the song and see where it starts to lose synch. I often find it losing synch a minute or two into the song and I make the necessary tempo adjustments until my kick drum loop and the audio file stay in synch the whole time. Of course a file which keeps changing tempo on you is another story, but most of the time this method works for me.